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Olive oil without additives or preservatives.
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Olive oil without additives or preservatives.
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Olive oil without additives or preservatives.
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Olive oil without additives or preservatives.
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Olive gardens that are already many years old.

For the olive garden, you must first select the right site. It should be well warmed up and sunlit, protected from strong and cold winds, with loose, oxygenated soil and deep groundwater.

Olives are not too demanding on soil nutrition; they can produce good yields even on depleted, clay and moderately saline lands. The main condition for the soil is the absence of moisture stagnation and good aeration.

The yield of olive trees is highly dependent on the quality of their pollination. As practice shows, with self-pollination, the percentage of empty and feeble seeds is much higher, and the fruits themselves are formed by small, different-sized ones. Pollination of olive trees occurs with the help of wind, which requires favorable weather conditions. To ensure the best yields, even when laying the olive garden, we plant seedlings of varietal pollinating trees at the same time as the rest of the plants.

Olive trees are very thermophilic, therefore severe winters pose a great threat to them. However, even in the case of frostbite shoots olives are capable of regeneration. And if the aboveground part dies, then with the onset of heat, the rhizome forms new shoots, which eventually turn into full-fledged adult plants. But young trees in the first years of life need a mandatory heat-insulating shelter in the winter, as lowering the temperature is critical for them.

ДOlive trees are characterized by very slow growth. At the same time, in terms of life expectancy, they surpass almost all fruit crops. The first worthy plant crops bring in 7 - 10 years after planting. One of the components of olive care is the pruning and crown formation of trees. Usually it is carried out at the end of winter - the beginning of spring, when the plant is still at the stage of vegetative dormancy.

The productivity and vitality of the olive tree depends on how well care is performed.

It is important to harvest correctly and on time!

Most processes are manual.
The degree of readiness of olive berries can only be determined by a true master of his craft

It is important

The process of harvesting and transportation of crops.

We harvest from October to December. About 70 kilograms of olives are obtained from one tree, it lives for almost 600 years, and bears fruit from 50-150 years. It all depends on weather conditions and care. Olives and olives are the berries of one tree. Just olives, ripened to the end, but green - not.

As soon as the berries begin to fall, and the black color has covered the whole olive, the harvest begins.

We collect olives manually. Workers put the crop in boxes of 25 kg. They climb trees, use stairs and try to collect as much as possible. Then all the berries are placed in a conveyor, which sorts them by size, cleans leaves and debris. For 1 liter of olive oil is 11 kilograms of fruit.

Why don't we welcome the machine collection method? When the mechanism knocks on a tree, drupes crumble. When falling, damaged fruits become larger.

Black olives grow on the same tree as green ones. They are just more mature. After harvesting the green crop, a canvas is laid under the tree. Then we wait for the full ripening of the fruit. Some of them crumble itself, the rest are collected manually. Those fruits that grow high are combed out with a special comb. After the olives are transferred to a sorting conveyor. There they are distributed in size, cleaned of debris and leaves.

Given these nuances, we can say with confidence: Our olive oil is the best!

In order to prevent damage to the crop, it is important to go to the spin as quickly as possible!

After pressing, the oil is closed in a sealed container and can be stored for many years.

How is this done

The process of spinning and packing oil.

Extra Virgin is the most valuable and expensive oil. This is almost freshly squeezed olive juice bottled. The technological process - from the place of cultivation and collection to sorting and wringing - is regulated and monitored.

This type of oil contains the largest amount of nutrients. Its taste is saturated, but with bitterness. The stronger the oil is bitter, the fresher it is. It is recommended to use it without subjecting it to heat treatment.

It was in Greece in ancient times that the production of olive oil began. Greeks fill their domestic market more, not striving for superiority in export. We honor ancient traditions, pass them on from generation to generation, are sensitive to the manufacture of oil. The whole process is least automated. The taste of oil is rich and bright, it contains the aromas of fruits and honey notes.

Many take advantage of the ignorance of buyers and sell plain refined olive oil at an extra-natural price. Therefore, you need to look not only at the price, but also study the information on the package.

Properly processed olives do not require chemical additives

That is why natural, non-diluted oil can benefit your health,
unlike mixed, neutralized and refined product.

The benefits of olive oil

Removes toxic substances from the liver.
Enhances the outflow of bile.
Prevents premature aging of tissues.
Saturates cells with oxygen.
It removes "bad" cholesterol from the body.
Lubricates the walls of the digestive tract.
Strengthens the immune system.
It provokes the natural synthesis of collagen and elastin, helps to maintain youthfulness and elasticity of the skin longer.
Helps strengthen bone tissue. Due to this property, regular use of squeeze prevents fractures and the formation of chips on the teeth.
Accelerates the process of building muscle tissue. Actual for people leading a healthy lifestyle.
Helps lower blood sugar and improve insulin production.
Relieves intestinal obstruction due to mild laxative effect.
Improves brain function.
Normalizes blood pressure.
Prevents the growth and development of cancer cells.

And much more is useful for men and women, for children and the elderly.

Comparison with other oils

Чем лучше недорогих маслел (подсолнух, кукуруза. Чем лучше дорогих масел (льняное, виноградное и т.п.)

И еще много много чего то еще.

Can this be bought at the store?

Natural olive oil is very popular among buyers because it contains monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamins K and E. It is proved that its regular consumption normalizes blood pressure, reduces the risk of obesity, improves skin condition, and slows down the aging process. If you know how to distinguish real olive oil, you can buy a truly useful product that removes free radicals from the body and reduces the likelihood of developing oncology.
However, it is reliably known that his fake is one of the most profitable "businesses." According to statistics, up to 70% of the product, on store shelves, is falsified. Defining cheating in a store can be difficult. In many cases, the appearance of the bottles sold is not in doubt, but there is an incomprehensible consistency inside that resembles olives only in taste and smell.
Most often, instead of a natural product, linseed oil mixed with a small amount of olive is added to the container. Sometimes scammers mix sunflower and soybean oil, and then they inject chlorophyll or beta-carotene into them to get the taste of the olive. But how then to distinguish olive oil and avoid acquiring a surrogate?

We will tell you when you will taste our oil!

The richness of Greek flavors is inherent to the taste of olive oil

Along with wine, cheese, fish or meat
natural olive oil can be an independent product,
and sometimes even a drug.


Unique recipes with olive oil
Tuna with baked red peppers

Put 4 tuna fillets of 250 g each in a bowl with 1 tbsp of water and 3 tbsp of lemon juice. Leave on for 15 minutes. Drain the marinade and coat the fish with olive oil, season with salt and pepper. Serve tuna with a salad of baked peppers and tomatoes.

Olive oil is stored as efficiently as possible under the following conditions:
   - dark spot;
   - lack of sharp changes in temperature;
   - restriction of interaction with oxygen.
Therefore, those who are interested in how to store olive oil after its discovery, you need only to exclude these factors.
It is more correct to purchase the product in small containers in order to use it exclusively fresh. Long-term storage of olive oil will cause it to go rancid and lose a pleasant aroma.
The storage temperature of olive oil should be between + 12 ° C - + 25 ° C.

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Natural homemade extra virgin olive oil


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